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"C" Litter Lazybones

Lazybones "C" litter of English Bulldogs. 5 puppies (males) born 10.02.2018


sire: Mystyle Brave x dam: Missisipi Centaurus

Pedigree of puppies



Candy Boy Lazybones (Available)


Candy-Boy-01.jpg Candy-Boy-04.jpg Candy-Boy-03.jpg Candy-Boy-02.jpg


Captain Cocconut Lazybones (Available)


Captain-Cocconut-02.jpg Captain-Cocconut-01.jpg Captain-Cocconut-03.jpg Captain-Cocconut-06.jpg
Captain-Cocconut-07.jpg Captain-Cocconut-08.jpg Captain-Cocconut-09.jpg Captain-Cocconut-10.jpg


Copperfield Lazybones (Available)


Copperfield-02.jpg Copperfield-03.jpg Copperfield-01.jpg Copperfield-05.jpg





"P" Litter Centaurus

Centaurus "O" litter of English Bulldogs born September 22, 2017


Proud parents:



Mystyle Brave

sire: Ch. Pheorm No Surrender
dam: Ella Diamond

more info



GEORGIA Centaurus

sire: Mystyle MOONBEAM OCOBO
dam: DZAKARTA Centaurus

more info



Mystyle Brave

Ch. Pheorm No Surrender

Pheorm Phenomenon
Admireabull Peace Lilly

Ella Diamond

Ch. Ocobo Candyman Can
Ziva Kirk

Georgia Centaurus


Ch. Mystyle Rolex Ocobo
Bildaw Walting Matilda

Ch. DZAKARTA Centaurus

Ch. Sherhan Ot Baskervil
Ch. Funia Z Mostowego Sadu





43.jpg 44.jpg 45.jpg
46.jpg 47.jpg 48.jpg


01.jpg 02.jpg 03.jpg
04.jpg 05.jpg 06.jpg


18.jpg 22.jpg 16.jpg 15.jpg
21.jpg 19.jpg 17.jpg 14.jpg

PEGGY SUE Centaurus (Available)

33.jpg 35.jpg 36.jpg 37.jpg
38.jpg 39.jpg 40.jpg 41.jpg


25.jpg 32.jpg 31.jpg 30.jpg
23.jpg 27.jpg 28.jpg 29.jpg
24.jpg 26.jpg    

PUMPKIN Centaurus

07.jpg 08.jpg 09.jpg 10.jpg
13.jpg 11.jpg 12.jpg  

PUNCH Centaurus

49.jpg 50.jpg 51.jpg 52.jpg
53.jpg 57.jpg 55.jpg 56.jpg



  • All our puppies are with pedigree, which is registered with the Federation Cynologique International

  • We are members the Polish Kennel Club and the Pedigree is valid for all countries of FCI, AKC, CKC

  • We don't respond !!! to e-mails with ONLY asking for the price of puppy.

  • Price depends on the quality of each puppy.


  • Exported puppies have FCI export pedigree and International certificate of vaccination - Pet Passport.

  • If you wish to reserve a puppy, we require a non refundable deposit. Puppy is not reserved until we receive the deposit.

If you want to know more you can ask me any questions,

I am happy to answer anything you would like to know about us and our kennel and our dogs.


Beata Matczuk
Poland, Gdańsk
Phone: +48 58 553-50-28
Mobile: +48 888 988 391




Previous Litters


Litter "D" Centaurus

f: Ch.Sherhan ot Baskervil, m: Ch.Alabama

(born 21.11.2005)


Litter "E" Centaurus

f: J.Ch.Durango Centaurus m: XENA Testudo "Dakota"

(born 26.10.2009)


Litter "F" Centaurus

Mystyle MOONBEAM OCOBO x XENA Testudo "Dakota"

(born 16.12.2010)


Litter "G" Centaurus

Mystyle MOONBEAM OCOBO x Dzakarta Centaurus

(born 20.12.2010)


Litter "H" Centaurus

Mystyle MOONBEAM OCOBO x XENA Testudo "Dakota"

(born xx.05.2012)


Litter "I" Centaurus

Capitol Rembombory x Etna Vulcanos Centaurus

(born 14.03.2013)


Litter "J" Centaurus

Ocobo LORD MAX x Fuji Yama Centaurus

(born 10.04.2014)


Litter "K" Centaurus

Impressive Bull JETRED x GEORGIA Centaurus

(born 16.04.2014)


Litter "L" Centaurus

Becks The Lord x Etna Vulcanos Centaurus

(born 16.12.2015)


Litter "M" Centaurus

Becks The Lord x Heavenly Rosalind Centaurus

(born 09.01.2016)


Litter "N" Centaurus

Ch. Becks The Lord x Georgia Centaurus

(born 19.07.2016)


Litter "O" Centaurus

Ch. Becks The Lord x HONORINE Centaurus

(born 22.01.2017)


Litter "P" Centaurus

Mystyle Brave x Georgia Centaurus

(born 22.09.2017)





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