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No puppies at the moment




  • All our puppies are with pedigree, which is registered with the Federation Cynologique International

  • We are members the Polish Kennel Club and the Pedigree is valid for all countries of FCI, AKC, CKC

  • We don't respond !!! to e-mails with ONLY asking for the price of puppy.

  • Price depends on the quality of each puppy.


  • Exported puppies have FCI export pedigree and International certificate of vaccination - Pet Passport.

  • If you wish to reserve a puppy, we require a non refundable deposit. Puppy is not reserved until we receive the deposit.

If you want to know more you can ask me any questions,

I am happy to answer anything you would like to know about us and our kennel and our dogs.


Beata Matczuk
Poland, Gdańsk
Phone: +48 58 553-50-28
Mobile: +48 888 988 391






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